United States of America

Once, years ago, I spent days printing photographs for an exhibit of San Francisco before the turn of the century; before the earthquake and fire of 1906. While printing these photos I needed to “enter” the world they represented to adjust the highlights and shadows and bring out the details of the photograph. After doing this for several hours I was absorbed by the world in this two-dimensional form and, by adding my everyday experiences to the print, I could sense the streets as they were presented, the light as it made angles in the corners of the windows, as the people were dressed and caught walking or sitting. In short as a moment in any age including the one in which I live. After finishing my work for the day, I would enter the street of that city with the view from the photos fresh in my mind. So, striking was the contrast made by the passage of time. To have the two worlds at one moment was a very fleeting yet real and revealing experience.